Thursday, January 31, 2008

OTB: Skull-y toilet!

Dear Shayne,

It's been a long while since we talked bathrooms. It looks like my last post about our skull/skeleton-themed bathroom was last April and I haven't done much since. I've done most of the things on the original Operation Transcraftinental Bathroom (OTB) list, but I'm still sorely lacking in the decor department -- hanging more stuff on the walls (besides the giant skeleton), making some curtains, etc. (I should probably make a new list.)

Want to see the latest exciting skull-y project in our bathroom? I knew you would!

I was inspired by the awesome vinyl toilet graphics sold by vital on Etsy (go check them out -- everyone needs vinyl toilet graphics and these guys have some terrific stuff). While their stuff is awesome, they did not have a skull. (Well, they probably do have skulls... otherwise, their heads would be kind of floppy. What I mean is, they did not have a skull vinyl graphic.)

So I searched Etsy for someone selling skull vinyl graphics and I found Nestlings. She doesn't seem to have the skull in stock right now, but she did then and she is SO nice and accommodating -- she'd probably sell you one if you want it. (Also, she has a lot of other cute things, so it's worth clicking on over to see that.) So I ordered a custom size from her to fit our toilet tank and voila:
Skull-y toilet

The awesomest toilet in the world! Yeah!



Jocelyn said...

Awesome! I totally want one!

kelly said...

Jocelyn -- The seller (Nestlings) is super-duper awesome and actually sent me two... do you want the other one?

Hard to believe there will be more than one skull-adorned toilet in the world... perhaps we could start a Skull-y Toilet Movement!

Shayne said...

That is the awesomest toilet in the world! Nay, in the universe!

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

I like the key one & the diver. They all rock! What a cute idea. Why should taking a tinkle be boring?

wall decal said...

Scary toilet......but a definitely cool one! :)