Thursday, January 17, 2008

WiP: Heart garland

Dear Shayne,

With Valentine's Day coming up (and Christmas decorations coming down, making the place look a little bare), my mind has turned to heart-y decorations. I was really inspired when I saw this garland, posted by original_youth on Flickr. So I started a garland of my own tonight. Here are the first three hearts:

There's a downloadable template, but I didn't use it. Mine are a little different from the inspiration -- hers are paper and mine are fabric. Now that I think about it, paper probably would have been easier, but I enjoy using fabrics from the stash and I've had a good time with these embellishments. (That button is from the Big Jar o' Buttons!)

They're about 4.5 inches wide at their widest. I plan to put the finished garland over the mantle. Hrrmm... I should measure tomorrow to see how many I'll need. For now, three hearts down, X to go!


1 comment:

Shayne said...

I love them! I can't wait to see the rest!