Friday, January 11, 2008

A lovely little book

Dear Shayne,

Remember when I posted that lovely little pincushion my friend Jocelyn made me for my birthday? (You know: Pinny, the Craft Room Mascot?) She did it again for Christmas. This time, she made the loveliest little book:
Tiny little book from Jocelyn

Doesn't look that small, does it? Well, here it is, next to a US quarter:
Tiny little book from Jocelyn

Um, wow.

Meanwhile, I can't do this little book justice, because if you hold it in two hands and bed it cover-to-cover, it makes a little star. Unfortunately, I didn't have a model to do the work, so I just unfurled it for us to admire Jocelyn's mad skillz at tiny, tiny paper cutting, folding, and gluing.
Tiny little book from Jocelyn

(Click on it to go to Flickr and see it larger -- it's worth it!)

Another fantastic little project by Jocelyn, whose patience I greatly admire.



Shayne said...

Sheesh. I need some more crafty friends so I can get more awesome presents. Lovely is exactly what this book is. Do you have a pretty little shelf to display it on?

kelly said...

I do have a pretty little shelf. I have an old printer's drawer that I have hanging on the wall. I put all kinds of tiny things in it. This little book fits perfectly!

Jocelyn said...

The things I craft always look so much more amazing when you photograph them! I hardly recognize my own work (I'm sure it didn't look that good in my dimly lit living room)!