Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wip: Heart garland. Not quite there yet.

Dear Shayne,

Are you getting tired of this project yet? Alas, tonight I only have another Work in Progress update to post.

The good news is that the garland is finished (yay!) The bad news is that the weather is horrible and I can’t get a decent picture of it. So here’s the cruddy picture I took of #9 yesterday (we’re going to call that blurry background “arty,” okay?)

Heart garland: #9 (so close!)

I stumbled upon this great Loteria fabric buried deep in my stash and decided to make a little heart patch for this one. I tried to look up the meaning of the heart card just to make sure it didn't say, "Don't read our blog," but I didn't get too far.

I found this entry from the Wikipedia, but all of the associated riddles were in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish, so I used Babelfish to translate. I got this: "You do not surprise heart to me, that return in the truck." Hrm. Cryptic. I found this site that has English and Spanish versions of the riddles. They say: "Don't miss me, heart, because I will return in a truck."

I'm not sure about missing or surprising the heart, or its subsequent return in a truck, but at least I know it doesn't mean, "Don't read our blog," so I'm feeling all right about posting this photo.

The weather forcast looks decent here tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for the Big Reveal!



Shayne said...

Another hit!

"Don't read our blog" - you are so funny ;)

Winifred said...

I love the hearts!