Tuesday, April 10, 2007

OTB: Yay for windows! (and skeletons!!)

Dear Shayne,

I am pleased to announce that I am finished with the windows in the bathroom! (Just one of many projects from the original OTB list.)

I have finished painting the molding and scraping the paint from when we installed the windows (over two years ago now, but... who's counting?) The best part is that I could finally hang up the coolest skeleton ever:
Bathroom today -- yay!

This baby was a Halloween window display at a cool little shop in Berkeley called Castle in the Air. I fell in love with him immediately and inquired within about buying him. He was hand-made by someone who works in their shop (I didn't get his name, but perhaps I'll send them a link to this and they can pipe up). They agreed to sell him, so I bought him as a gift for Bill for Christmas that year. That was... 2004. So you can tell that I am bursting with excitement to finally hang him up! (The skeleton, not Bill.)

I did not crop this photo so that you could get an idea of his immense size. At the top of this photo, you see our ceiling and at the bottom, the molding along the floor. We have 11' high ceilings, so you know -- he's big!

Besides the excitement of hanging ol' Skelly, there's a real sense of satisfaction that we have gone from this (note that this was taken before we owned the house)...
Our bathroom, before it was ours
(07/04: This is what the bathroom looked like when the previous owners lived here. No sink. 2.5 feet wide and 7.5 feet deep. Just a toilet in a little hallway with... a... bookshelf in it. To make it feel more spacious? Ugh.)

To this...
Bathroom sans walls
(11/04: This is after Bill tore down a bunch of walls and the ceiling and the floor and... well, everything. He's amazing!)

To this...
Bathroom sans molding

(04/05: This is what the windows looked like when we moved in. The bathroom was completely functional, but there was still finish work to be done -- like molding around the windows. And skeleton hanging!)

... to the photo that you see above! Yay for getting things done! (Finally!)

I know that your bathroom has been a bit stalled out, but I also know that you have a new switchplate for it. Perhaps you could just install that and call it done? Maybe?



Shayne said...

Your skeleton is So. Awesome. I'm afraid my powder room may be pale green forever :(

kelly said...

Aww... don't give up! It took me a looong time to get going on this bathroom. We've owned this house for almost 3 years and we've lived here for just about 2.

You should put up your switchplate for inspiration!