Saturday, January 05, 2008

The rest of the tissue holders

Dear Shayne,

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the tissue holder I made for you. I made several more of them and the final recipient received hers yesterday (for being so close, Canada is far away, mail-wise) (Hi, Dawn!) so I can now post without spoiling!
Tissue holders!

I used an excellent tutorial from Scarlet Tanager. I only made two changes:
1. I used a slightly different sized template (which she indicates you may have to do, depending on your tissue size) and
2. I did not use any interfacing. I felt like the cotton I used was substantial enough on its own. (So let me know how yours holds up!)

This was a fast, fun project. All of these fabrics are from my stash -- I loved picking out the different outside and lining fabrics that I thought the recipients would enjoy. Yay for projects that go well!



Shayne said...

Such cute little bundles! You have got the best fabric stash. Do you order a lot online or do you have some awesome store to shop at out there? I've got Joann's and lame-o typical quilt stores.

kelly said...

I do both. There are some totally awesome fabric stores near where I live. Plus, I usually visit fabric stores when I travel. And I also buy online.

Looking at these fabrics... I think I bought them all locally. Except perhaps that Amy Butler fabric (the blue and brown one in the lower left). That may have been an online purchase. But I've also seen it in stores.

Scarlet said...

They look fantastic! Aren't they addictive?

kelly said...

Whee! I feel all famous now -- the brilliant creator of this tutorial has commented on my post! ;)

To answer your question, yes, they are addictive. I can see making many, many more!

Dawn said...

Mine is now living in my purse! Yay! (and thanks!)