Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I like this tool: Pinpoint oiler

Dear Shayne,

I was flipping through the Keepsake Quilting catalog the other day and I found the Side Winder bobbin winder. At first I thought, "Wow! That would be great! I could re-fill a bobbin without unthreading the sewing machine!" And then I realized that I would have to unthread the sewing machine anyway because, of course, the thread I want to fill the bobbin with is the one on the machine already, right?

I guess the way that it benefits you is if you want to... thread bobbins for some other project while you're... in the middle of sewing on your current project? Huh. Yeah. I don't do that. I definitely wind the bobbin as I go (meaning: when it runs out of thread, just inches from the end of the seam I am working on).

Plus, the other thing I do when I wind the bobbin is oil my machine, so I have to take everything apart anyway. When I first learned to sew, I was taught this: if you've sewn long enough run out of bobbin thread, it's time to oil your machine. I know that a lot of rebel/renegade sewing folks (vs. "sewers," see?) don't oil their machines that often, but I've seen the long-term effects of non-oiling and let me tell you: oil that puppy.

When I've asked people why they don't oil their machine, they say that it's messy. A-ha! This is why I want to share this great tool with you: the Pinpoint Oiler.

This thing is great! It deposits the tiniest drop of oil off the end of the nozzle and not everywhere else in your sewing room! Also, it's got a little rubber cap on it, as well as a plastic cap. It's double-capped! You don't have to worry about oil getting out of this bad boy when you're not using it.

I took the photo above from Clotilde, which is where I got mine. I've never seen them sold in a store, so if you want one, you might have to order one from them when they're back in stock (they're backordered right now -- they must be good, right?) I personally have one with the 3 1/4 inch nozzle and that is what I'd recommend. Cause it's awesome. If you get one of these, you will want to oil your machine. That's how great it is. (They're not paying me to say this or anything... I just like the product.)

Tomorrow: more hearts! (As long as I can get a photo before it gets dark out. Winter stinks.)



bettyninja said...

I like that pinpoint oil dropper. I will have to find one. Also, I actually love my sidewinder--I just got it about two weeks ago. It is great to wind up a bunch of bobbins in the beginning-especially when I am quilting. But I also do need to oil more frequently than I do...

kelly said...

I appreciate your positive review of the sidewinder -- in many ways, it seems like a great idea. But since I use bobbin winding as the "oil reminder," I should probably stick with that. ;)

Good luck finding the oil dropper -- I LOVE mine and highly recommend it!

Ms. Ganshirt said...

You always have the handiest crafting accessories!!

kelly said...

Yeah... I'm a Gadget Nerd. :)

Shayne said...

Ooooh, I *need* one of these!

Jenny said...

Hey, you must have seen them in a store, because I have something very similar that we bought together---maybe in Walnut Creek? At the quilting convention in Houston? Of course, I still have the same one because I barely sew anymore, while yours is new.

kelly said...

Jenny! Did we buy them somewhere in person?! I don't have a new one -- mine is still going strong (it will take a long time to use up that oil) but Clotilde has been the only place I've ever found to direct people when they ask where I got mine.

So, now... *where* did we get them? I've never seen it again at any of our usual haunts. Perhaps it *was* Houston. Hrm.

Unknown said...

You can get these oilers on ebay for around $5.