Monday, January 07, 2008

Little yellow hat + glass head

Dear Shayne,

This is a little yellow hat I made for a favorite little boy I know who stole the hats I made for his mom for her birthday. So I asked what color hat he wanted and he said yellow. Here it is:
Hat + Head

Frankly, this photo is not the best -- the hat is not super-puffy in real life -- and I wouldn't have even posted it except... what's that you see? Why, it's a glass head! Yay!

Yup, I got me a glass head last month at the Alameda Antiques Faire and I am just thrilled with it. You'll certainly see more of that glass head o' mine as the blog posts roll on.



Shayne said...

Cute hat! I'm not yet sure if I think the glass head is creepy or cool.

kelly said...

I think it's maybe a little of both. ;)

For me, the fact that I can now post hats without them looking like Pac-man ghosts is exciting.

I may crop out the creepy-ish face going forward. Or stuff it full of something exciting. But I just wanted to post it this time, because: Glass! Head!

The Bon said...

It's the asymmetry of the head that causes me to find it creepy. I'm not sure if it's just the photo, or the head itself or a mixture of the two but the right side seems much less full than the left. That said, it's a glass head and I am all for glass heads, be they creepy or not!