Thursday, January 03, 2008

I love Etsy! (and, apparently, calendars...)

Dear Shayne,

This year, I bought not one, not two, but three calendars from Etsy sellers. I am a bit of a nut. However, here is my justification: one for work, one for home, and one is postcards! How cute! If you're lucky, you will get the month of August in the mail!

The first calendar I bought was from annacote, who makes lovely cards (and other items too!) She's sold out of calendars, but you can see one like the one that I bought here.

I also bought a letterpress calendar from greenchairpress because, you know... who doesn't love letterpress? I am a total tease, because they are also sold out, but you can see it here. I also love her type collages.

And the postcard calendar came from happify, who still has some in stock here. This calendar came in the loveliest envelope with absolutely gorgeous labels. I love pretty packaging!

And just so you don't think I'm only buying calendars, I also got these fabulous earrings from Sassafras Creations:
Earrings made from a knitting needle!

They're made from a knitting needle! How great is that?! She also has several other items made from recycled knitting needles, although it looks like she's sold out of the earrings. I am most impressed with her transformation of needles to beads, although I like it when you can still tell it's a needle (like the earrings and bangles).

I had big plans to take a bunch of photos of my other Christmas crafts this weekend, but it looks like we're about to be buried in rain here, so natural light will be right out. Perhaps I will have to set up the indoor studio. Whee!



The Bon said...

I love the Sassafras Creations earrings that are the dangling "tower" of rings made from sections of the needles. I also have a pipe dream of owning a letterpress some day. Did I ever tell you that?

kelly said...

> I also have a pipe dream of
> owning a letterpress some day.
> Did I ever tell you that?

I share the same dream (does anyone not?)

In the latest issue of ReadyMade, they have directions for making a small one. I said to Bill yesterday: "Will you make this for me?" He said, "Sure." I have a feeling it's super-low priority on the Big Fat List of Projects, though. ;)

Shayne said...

All gorgeous calendars...that's really a commitment to Gocco twelve different cards!

It's funny with the earrings - as I was reading I only saw the tops and was thinking "big deal, some pink dangly earrings," but then the scroll-down! Those are super cute! You will be the envy of your craft/knitting group at work.

Can Bill make me a letterpress too? (Soon I'm going to be asking your pets to make me things.)