Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iron woman

Dear Shayne,

It is probably lame to be so excited about this, but I got a NEW IRON this week! Yay! As a fellow seamstress (I wrote "sewer" there and that just doesn't look right -- we need a new non-gender-specific written word for "someone who sews"), I think you can appreciate this:

Oooh... Rowenta! It's heavy duty, makes tons of lovely steam (when you want it to, when you don't, it's drip proof! Yeah!) and the best part of all? It does not shut off on its own.

This is an increasingly difficult feature to find, but if you've ever sat down to sew for a few hours and keep having to wait for the flipping iron to heat back up when you need it, you'll understand the beauty. Obviously the Rowenta people know their audience, because this model is a labeled a "sewing and crafting iron." Yay for constant heat!


PS - Image taken from the Rowenta website, where you can go and lust over some very nice irons yourself, as I did for many years before I dropped my old iron a few weeks ago and broke it, causing me to say, "Hey! I need a new iron!"


Shayne said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am a bad and lazy seamstress. I rarely iron anything. Maybe I should start?

It is a lovely iron, though. So many impressive features...enjoy!

kelly said...

Dude... you *might* iron more if you had an iron like THIS.

Seriously, I ironed my shirt this morning (the not-so-fun kind of ironing) and it took about 1 minute. It was amazing. Like magic!