Saturday, January 12, 2008


Dear Shayne,

We have a "White Elephant" gift exchange in my department every year right before Christmas. Usually, people get stuck with items like ugly photo frames and weird potpourri. This year, to my excitement, this showed up:
Yeah! Bedazzler! Plus, I was the second person to "steal" it, so I locked it in as mine, mine, all mine! (Everyone else was so jealous. I just know it.)

I realize that the projects pictured on the outside of this box are super cheesy, but I think I can make the Bedazzler work for me. My goal: Sparkly, not trashy. I'm thinking that the #1 rule is: Don't use the Bedazzler on clothing. I'll let you know how it goes!



The Bon said...

Oh my. It's really surprising to me that those things are still around. I think you're right though, bedazzling of clothing is a no-no. But I bet it would make an awesome trim on an apron, if one were the sparkle-y sort.

Shayne said...

A little bedazzled clothing might be okay. I have a Bedazzler in a box somewhere in my basement. Way back when my sister turned 30, her birthday weekend included bowling...I got bandanas in three different shades of pink and Bedazzled a corner on each one and forced everyone to wear them while we bowled. Team Amy! Team Bedazzler! W00t!

Winifred said...

Oooohhh!!! I am jealous! I would have been green with envy.