Friday, January 25, 2008

WiP: Sixth heart in the garland

Dear Shayne,

I am going to need to step up heart production if I plan to finish this garland by Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, here is the latest in the Heart Herd:
6 hearts down, 4 to go

All of these buttons came from my awesome jar o' buttons. I used red DMC embroidery floss to attach them, which I think turned out great -- they don't need to be super-secure (since they're not actually holding anything closed), so one pass with a full strand of floss was all each one needed.

I love me some buttons!



knitsteel said...

Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! I'm loving hearts this year and can't wait to see your garland.

Shayne said...

Saturday's over. Well, here anyway. How many did you make today? They're all so pretty. More, more, more!