Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another pair of Scrabble earrings

Dear Shayne,

As you may recall, I made a pair of Scrabble tile earrings for Jenny for her birthday. She had a friend who liked them so well that she requested a pair to give as a gift. Here they are:
Another pair of Scrabble earrings

For the first pair, I did a Naughty Thing and simply screwed the eye hook directly into the tile without drilling a pilot hole first. It worked so well that time that I got over-confident and tried again with these. No good. I cracked two tiles (K's at that! Precious, precious K's!) before going to get the drill with a tiny, tiny bit.

I thought it would be difficult to drill into the tiles, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Once I had drilled the holes, the eye hooks screwed in with no problem. Yay for power tools!

Meanwhile, I also made myself a pair when I made these. Since this pair is my initials, reversed, I figured it was the universe's way of saying, "Make some for yourself!" So I did. I get compliments all the time on them. I love 'em!



Shayne said...

So were the D and K requested for that pair?

Hooray for drills!

Jocelyn said...

If I didn't have hair that eats dangly earrings for breakfast (and only one ear pierced anyway...), I would totally commission a pair myself! As it is I will have to content myself with admiring your work on others... They're great!

kelly said...

Shayne -- Yes, D and K were the requested initials. Since they're the same as mine, I made another pair for myself (only, ya know... reversed).

Jocelyn -- Perhaps we could find another way to dress you in Scrabble tiles... a necklace? Bracelet? Hrm...