Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Object of Lust: Tote bag

Dear Shayne,

Check out this awesome craftiness: old sails made into awesome stuff like wallets and tote bags! That's what the super-clever reiter8 is doing. I got one of her wallets in the Brooklyn City Sampler, so I went sniffing around her site for more info.

And that is where I found this lovely object:

Oh, be still my heart. 8 is my lucky number and I'm a big fan of the color green. I also love tote bags. Plus, this is '08! A perfect year for such a bag!

Part of me says, "Do you really need another tote bag, Kelly?" And the other part says: "Yes! Yes! Must. Have. Awesome. Tote."

Which side will win? Stay tuned to find out!


PS - Image from the reiter8 website, where you can find many awesome items made from recycled sails. I am also quite smitten with the star totebag.


Shayne said...

A girl can never have too many bags!

kelly said...

You... enabler!

The Bon said...

I like how bold the graphic is. And I'm pretty sure that sentence solidifies my status as design nerd.

reiter8 said...

Thanks for the lustful mention! Love this blog!