Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas goodies from Bill

Dear Shayne,

As you know, Bill is a craft-enabling superhero. This year, I sent him a link to PurlSoho's Gift Ideas for Fabric Lovers and told him I would love something from that list. He came through... and how!

First up, the list suggested a half yard of each fabric in this line. And that's what I got! Here's are photos of mine -- if you want more details, click on that link.

Here's the stack:
Presents from Bill: fabric

And here's a photo where you can see a bit more detail.
Presents from Bill: fabric

Wow, eh? That's a lot of fabric, right? But, wait! There's more! Also in the gift guide was "3 Assorted Yards of Echino Fabric by Kokka." And I got some o' that, too! Again, click that link for more details (although I'll warn you -- you might also be sorely tempted to buy something for yourself!) because my photo does not do these lovely fabrics justice:
Presents from Bill: fabric

Squee! I want to sew right now! Sew! Sew!

But first, I have to show you the other thing I got for Christmas (I know! Hard to believe there's more!) I asked for this and I am super-duper excited about it: A bottle cutter!
Bottle cutter kit

Spoiler alert: Everyone on my list is totally getting votive candle holders for Christmas next year. How fun! Whee! I've been collecting bottles for the past couple of weeks for my first attempt at this -- I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Oh, yeah! I didn't take a photo of it, but I also got an awesome silk project bag from Purl. They are great for small knitting or embroidery projects. I almost forgot to include it because I'm already using it. Yeah!

Now! Off to sew!



Shayne said...

Wowee, that's a lot of great fabric! You are so lucky! Whatcha gonna make?

The Bon said...

The bottle cutter is neat, although I'd never find enough things to use it for myself. I am one of those weird folks who does not own any votive candles [in fact, I live a virtually candle-free life], and am happy to keep it that way.

The fabrics are fun, the map one especially so. You'll have to let me know how your lantern moon bag holds up. The only experiences I've had with them have been with friends whose bags wore out within 2 weeks or so of normal use.

kelly said...

Shayne -- I am probably going to make bags with the heavier fabric and I am thinking the others may be quilt material. Or... aprons? Maybe aprons. I don't know -- right now, they're just fun to look at and play with.

kelly said...

Bonnie -- Okay! I'll be sure to
put you down on the "no candle holder" list!

As for the silk bags, I have several of them and they've held up really great. I asked for another one because I usually have more projects than bags. Probably should just finish some projects, rather than get more bags. What a concept! ;)

The Bon said...

You know what would be neat? cutting off the bottoms of bottles and filling them with resin + junk. They might make interesting coasters.

Dawn said...

I love that bottle cutter - it totally excuses ANY instance of drinking to excess! You're just emptying the bottles to make crafts! (not that I'm suggesting you become an alcoholic or anything...I'm just sayin'...) ;-)

kelly said...

HAHAHA, Dawn! Love your take on it!

"Honey, haven't you had enough?"

"No -- I need to make a vase for someone's birthday next week!" Glug-glug!

Hee hee.

The Housewives Understudy said...

Kelly, I am really interested to find out how the bottle cutter works out. What a brilliant idea! Brides who are making their own centerpieces (vineyard wedding?!) should take note of this tool.