Friday, January 04, 2008


Dear Kelly,

I saw this:

on Craft: Magazine's blog last week. You can buy one from SnarkyDork.

So now I've decided I need a real hamster. Desperately.



kelly said...

Perhaps you can craft yourself a hamster?

Not quite the same.

Unless it's a FrankenHamster. But then you might not be able to sleep. Hrm.

I think you just need a hamster.

Shayne said...

I thought about making my own (SnarkyDork has a tutorial on her blog) hamster, but think of all the stuff I'd have to buy. I don't have any of the necessary materials and if I only felt like making one, I'd be stuck with a bag of pompoms forever.

I think I just need a hamster, too.

kelly said...

But if you buy a bunch of pom-poms, you can make an adorable pom-pom garland .

It's so cute! I would love to make a pom-pom garland!

But Biscuit would eat it.