Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Presents for you

Dear Kelly,

Now that you've received your birthday and Christmas gifts, I can post pictures. Remember that funny little IM conversation where I grilled you about your wash cloth and napkin needs? Your likes made it easy to give my embroidery machine a work-out.

For your birthday, I embroidered skulls on white wash cloths. I followed the advice I read in Creative Machine Embroidery magazine and used stabilizer on top and bottom.

And for Christmas, I put tomatoes on white restaurant-quality napkins. This was my first successful multi-color project.

So you'll have to let me know how many more napkins you need. And how the embroidery holds up to use and washing.

In unrelated crafty news, do you have Denyse Schmidt's Quilt It Kit? I got one today at Borders marked down to $4.99!


1 comment:

kelly said...

I love my skully washcloths and tomato-y napkins! They're totally fabulous!

How many napkins? Hrm. I guess either 4 or 6 is a good number of napkins. So you decide -- how excited do you feel about making napkins? Hee hee.

I don't have the Quilt It Kit because I have the book and I have heard that the projects in the kit are all the same as the ones in the book. You'll see the dis-cards that I made last year for Christmas presents in there -- that chick's got a way with the simple lovely projects!