Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WiP: Heart #5

Dear Shayne,

By my calculations, I'll need 10 hearts for the garland. So with this one, I'm halfway done:
Fifth heart in the garland

I feel like this one will probably need some extra embellishments, but I decided to wait until they're all done to see which ones need what.

I used Pearl Cotton #8 to embroider this one and I'm not sure it was the right thread to us. I used regular DMC floss on the last one and I think I probably should have used it again for this stitch. Oh, well. It's all about the experimentin' here at Chez Heart Garland.



Anonymous said...

Love your heart garland. I did one last year with scrapbook paper. They are really fun to make. Thanks for stopping by my blog via Ikea hacker.

Shayne said...

They look so pretty stacked all together!