Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Operation Transcraftinental Bathroom: Part I

Dear Shayne,

So sorry to hear about your glue incident. Why, oh why, was your mouth open? Too bad you didn't capture the "money shot" on film -- you might be able to make some decent cabbage selling footage like that on the internet!

Meanwhile, here is my first installment of our agreed-upon craft-along, cleverly titled "Operation Transcraftinental Bathroom" (or: OTB). We have agreed to goad each other on to complete the decor in each of our bathrooms via our joint blog, so I'm going to go first.

The object of my overhaul is our full bathroom, also known as the Skull/Skeleton Bathroom (also known as the Bathroom That Scares Grandma -- she doesn't get the skull fascination. She sticks to the Paris-themed bathroom). We're in pretty good shape, but there are some things that have gone undone in the 18 months since we've moved in, and now is the time to finish!

Fortunately, the paint is already done in here (thanks, Bill!) and so are the light fixtures (thanks, Bill!) and towel racks (thanks, Bill!) (Oh, I helped with that... I'm not a total slacker.) (Just mostly.) So what else is there? Without further ado, let's go on a little tour of the bathroom...

Here is a shot of the sink (from the toilet). Mainly, what this area needs is some art next to that mirror. I'm thinking a anatomy-style skeleton poster I have. Plus, maybe a decorative shelf for skull-y stuff. Of course... I also waffle that maybe this needs a little cabinet. Sigh. Indecisiveness=undone bathroom.
Wall space next to mirror

Here's a better full-on shot of the sink. What we need here is a better container to hold our AWESOME skull soaps... something with a lid, because they get dusty. Oh, yes. And a new liquid soap dispenser. We had one that I got in a swap on craftster, but the paint ended up peeling off. I also think that some skull knobs on the under-sink cabinet might be fun, but perhaps not by the completion of this Operation:
Sink w/ mirror

Moving on, we have... the windows. This starts to get to the actual work needed in the bathroom, as the molding has recently been installed in here and the nail holes need patching and the trim needs painting. Fortunately, we painted most of it before installation, but... it's still going to need some work. Oh, yeah... I also need to scrape paint off of the window panes (actually, all of the windows in the house need that... but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?)

Aaaand... here's a long shot of those same windows... mostly for perspective (to see where the sink and toilet are) but also to show the big space of wall between and above the windows. We have an awesome giant skeleton to go there. That will be my reward for painting the damned window trim.
Long shot of windows

The toilet area is pretty much done, but I would like to make a box to go on top of the toilet to contain "unsightlies" (read:tampons) and I would also like to do something more exciting with our boring-ass black trashcan.

[See our cool black and white tiled shower? It's totally awesome! And a big pain in the butt. For anyone out there reading this -- don't get black tiles in showers for the same reason you don't buy black cars -- it shows everything. It's a nightmare to keep clean. /public service announcement]

Moving on... we have... The Door.

This is going to be a major hassle because the trim around this door needs painting. (To be perfectly honest, the trim could really use replacing, but that activity goes way beyond the scope of this little project, so I'm just slapping some paint over it.) The trick to this (for me) is painting the trim without getting paint all over the walls. Ha. Ha. I don't have the steadiest of hands, sooo... we'll see.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the worst part of the door trim. This is the part that keeps me up at nights. I need to [somehow] fill/spackle/caulk this ugly part of the molding where it meets the wall. This will get nasty, as I am not the handiest of spacklers. Whee!
Super ugly part of the door

Hmm. Now that I've got photos of the work to be done, I guess I need a Plan. Or... to go lie down and pretend this isn't happening... oh, wait. That's not an option. (Is it?)

Sooo... step 1 should be... I guess... (I'm loathe to even say it)... the spackle/fill/caulk/whatever of the nail holes and door trim. But first... there will be lying down. Tomorrow is another day, right?

Hey! Now it's your turn: I showed you my photos, you show me yours!



Shayne said...

Your bathroom looks awesome even before the work that needs to be done. You must have one of those neat old houses. Not a circa 1970something townhouse like I've got here. I've still got glue in my hair.

kelly said...

Built in 1890. I wonder if the original owners ever thought, "Yes... skulls would do nicely in here." Hee hee.

Shayne said...

1890! The original ownders might be thinking that right now. In your bathroom. Eek!