Monday, July 09, 2007

Honey Pot o' Buttons

Dear Shayne,

I've been crafting, but failing to take photos of stuff in good light. In the meantime, I thought I'd share my latest crafty find with you...

I've always felt that my sewing area was missing a jar of random buttons (everyone else who sews seems to have one -- do you?) (If you don't, I can now send you one... keep reading...)

Since I am a total crowd-follower, when I saw this giant jar of buttons at the Alameda Antiques Faire last weekend, I just had to jump on it:
Honey pot o' buttons

It was on the half-off table, so I got it for $10. How could I resist? It's super huge. I don't know if you can tell from this photo that it's huge, but it's about 9" tall and weighs a ton. Plus, it came in this sweet-ass jar! Check out this cool label:
Honey label on my big ol' jar

Hrm... what is it about honey that causes people to leave the "f" off of the word "of?" (Bit o' Honey, Blade o' Gold, etc.) Do you think it's cause their lips are stuck together?

Next step: Pouring out all of the buttons and sorting them! Let me know if you need any...



Shayne said...

But if you sort them, you won't have the big jar of buttons anymore! Or are you going to sort them into small jars? That would look awesome, too. I actually have my buttons sorted by color in baggies. The one thing that's organized in my craft room.

Shayne said...

Oh, yeah, if you do find anything pink and wonderful, I probably wouldn't turn it down.

kelly said...

Yeah... I don't think I can handle the randomness of a giant jar. I'm all about sorting into order by color. So, yes... smaller jars.

Then I'll say, "Huh... what should I put in the big Honey jar?" Guess I could make that into a Yar!

I'll keep my eye out for pink and wonderful for you... I always do!

Shayne said...

I see some pink towards the bottom!

jessica said...

how fun.