Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Merry Craft-mas: the cards

Dear Shayne,

I had a very crafty Christmas (both giving and receiving) which should make for plenty of blog fodder through the month of January!

For our first craft-mas review, I'll post the cards that we've already been discussing. First up, here are your cards, all wrapped up:
Fabric cards - all tied up

Aaaand... here are all of your cards with their matching envelopes (of course) and decorated glue stick (I know you already have a glue stick, but how could I resist?)
Fabric cards w/ envelopes - pinks

And just to bore you to tears with pictures of all of the other notecards I made, here are some more! There was a red set (not shown with matching envelopes and glue stick):
Fabric cards - reds

And a kind of wacky color set:
Fabric cards - wild colors

And here are a couple of sets with their envelopes (and glue stick). Black and white (and red) (gosh, I love parentheses):
Fabric cards w/ envelopes - black and white

And a sort of brown/orange/pink scenario:
Fabric cards w/ envelopes - browns and oranges

And then I made one set of cards for someone that I knew already had fabric cards (Hi, Bonnie!) so I stamped and embossed them. I love the way the embossing came out. Of course, I made the matching envelopes and glue stick (of course):
Embossed cards

One of my favorite parts of that set is that I had this matching ribbon already on hand. Yeah! Love that!
Embossed cards w/ bow

Oh, and the fabric cards are super fun to make -- here's an online tutorial from the book Denyse Schmidt Quilts.

All right! That does it for the cards that I gave away. I've got plenty more stuff that I made to show, plus some kick-ass stuff that I got!


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Dawn said...

I know I already commented on your flickr page but...I LOVE the way the little glue sticks turned out!

Also, the embossed cards are phenomenal! Were they hard to do? I always see the kits at Micheals...I'm intrigued yet intimidated.