Monday, November 05, 2007

Jenny's birthday gifts

Dear Shayne,

A couple of weeks ago, it was Jenny's birthday (Hi, Jenny!) As you know, she's my BFF (since we were young enough to say "BFF" for reals!) and I made her some stuff.

First up, these fun earrings that I made out of Scrabble tiles -- her initials are JN. I've never tried this before and I think they came out great (if I do say so myself):
Scrabble tile earrings for Jenny

I need to make some of those for ME! I have a ton of Scrabble tiles waiting for more crafty fun.

She lives in the wintry North, so I also made her some hats. First up, a wool cap from lovely Malabrigo. It's so soft, it's like knitting with kittens! (Unfortunately, I believe it will start to pill dramatically before too long... alas, the downside of soft wool...)

I still don't have a head model, so I used a balloon for these photos:
Blue hat for Jenny

I made her yet another hat in the football team colors of our hometown, where our friendship was first forged: Go, Browns!
Cleveland Browns hat for Jenny

(I gotta say here that she wore that hat to the Browns game yesterday and they totally WON in a very exciting overtime! I'm pretty sure it was the hat.)

She seemed pleased with the gifts, although she mentioned that her 4 year old son has claimed the hats... so it looks like I've got some more hat making to do in my near future!



Shayne said...

How fun to knit with kittens! Sam was really into hats until he was about five. Now it's just that darn Orioles hat every day.

Did you drill holes in the Scrabble tiles?

kelly said...

I should have probably pre-drilled, but I was naughty and let the eye screws do the work for me.

Dawn said...

Hooray for magical winning powers of hat!