Monday, May 26, 2008

Still hand quilting

Dear Shayne,

I have made several more practice lines on my hand quilting sample. When I went into the living room to take a photo of my work so far, Kaesea had the answer for what I could do with the hoop if I decide to give up:
Quilt hoop, now owned by Kaesea
(I think he's voting for "kitty bed.")

Meanwhile, my hand quilting is getting better, although my finger smarts a bit. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya: When hand quilting, you have to use a finger on the hand under the quilt to feel the needle as it comes through (that is, as the pointy end comes through) and guide it back to the top of the quilt.

In class, someone asked, "Which finger do you use to feel the needle come through?"

My reply [after hearing what that finger was going to have to deal with]: "The finger you like the least."

Apparently, I like my middle finger the least, because that's the one that's all beat up right now.

Some people have suggested that I can use a thimble on that finger, but I tried that and disaster ensued. I guess I'm still in the Punish-the-Finger phase of my quilt learnin'. And you know, if any finger deserves punishment, it's probably my middle finger. Poor middle finger.



Michaele said...

Hey there! I can't remember the name of them, but there are adhesive pads that you can buy at craft and hobby stores (Hobby Lobby has them in their sewing/needles section) to put on the tips of your fingers to avoid all of those pokes! They don't cover your entire finger either, so you can still have some control! :)

Victoria said...

After awhile you'll get a nice callous on that disliked middle finger! (In my humble opinion thimbles should never be used on the hand underneath the quilt, it interferes too much.)

You will be a pro in no time at all!

Shayne said...

Please send Kasea to me. Please! He's so cute and floofy, I can hardly stand it.

Good job on the continuing hand quilting.