Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cute little coasters

Dear Shayne,

Today I went and poured resin with my friend Hollie. It's still curing, so I'll post photos when it's done -- I think it went okay, but we'll see.

Since Hollie kindly invited me to her home and had me over for lunch while we were working on resin, I thought I might take her a little hostess gift. This, happily, coincided with a post I saw at How About Orange yesterday that made me say, "Damn! I need to make that!" (I love it when a crafty idea and a crafty opportunity come together.)

The post showed some darling coasters using fabric and iron-on vinyl and included a terrific tutorial -- you can see it here.

Here's a shot of the ones I made (click on that pic to see them bigger -- that fabric is great):
Vinyl + fabric coasters

And, of course, I wrapped them up with a sweet little ribbon:
Vinyl + fabric = gift!

Hollie seemed very pleased and we used them while I was there today. Yay!



Shayne said...

Oh my lord, where is that fabric from? Who is the designer? Squirrels!!!

Jess said...

Those look GREAT! So pretty!

kelly said...

Shayne, the fabric is Echino by Etsuko Furuya. This pattern is called "Classic Animals." (Not just squirrels, but bunnies, pigs, deer, birds, ladybugs, and skulls!)

I got it at Purl, but I didn't link in my post because they seem to be out. I did find some at superbuzzy, but not in this exact color. You can see what they have here. (There are a couple of pink ones, so that should make you happy!)

Jess -- thanks so much! I really appreciate your tutorial. Definitely one of those, "Oh, I gotta make THIS!" moments.

The Housewife said...

I absolutely LOVE these coasters. They're not only cute as hell they're a great conversation piece for those somewhat akward, "please use a coaster" moments. Thank you so much for the lovely gift!