Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Shayne,

Happy Mother's Day!

This year, I gave my mom something that is mostly crafted by someone else, but is also sort of crafted by me. Her name is Rosemary (Hi, Mom!) and I bought this great letterpress card last week from Lizard Press at the Bazaar Bizarre:
Rosemary card

I have a Logan mat cutter (a tool that I love soooo much) so I cut a mat for it and framed it (that's the part I crafted):
Rosemary card, framed

My mom has a rosemary themed kitchen and I have given her many items over the years to fill it up (much to her husband's dismay, although I think he's finally at peace with it). She had recently asked for something new for the collection, so I was happy to find this card.

I saw Lizard Press again yesterday at the PCBA Printers' Fair. You should check out her Etsy shop -- these letterpress Emoticon cards crack me up. Also, I love the amazing texture of these William Morris cards -- what a lovely effect.

I hope you (and everyone else reading this, mother or not) have a wonderful day today!



Shayne said...

Those William Morris cards are beautiful!

Did your furry babies get you anything good for Mother's Day? :)

kelly said...

Aren't they?! I'm kind of obsessed by them and I might have to order some...

My furry babies told Bill to take me out for brunch and he did! So, yes -- I got something good. :)