Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Squirrel postcards

Dear Shayne,

I have a fondness for squirrels (you may remember this tray I bought last year) and I have long been admiring this squirrel print at OrangeWillow's Etsy shop. Lo and behold, she was at Bazaar Bizarre this past weekend.

She had that print, which I almost bought, but why buy 1 squirrel when you can have 5? Granted, 5 smaller squirrels, but still: FIVE! Yes, I bought 5 assorted squirrelly postcards. It doesn't look like she has the cards for sale in her shop right now, but she does have plenty of great prints, so go have a look!

I am going to frame and keep this guy:
Squirrel postcard #1

Of the others, I am having a hard time choosing a second favorite. But I like this one:
Squirrel postcard #2

And these two dudes are pretty fun:
Squirrel postcard #3

I will probably post them around the house for my enjoyment for a bit, then send them off so that others can enjoy them too. But that first guy? Yeah. He's staying with me.



bettyninja said...

Those are killer postcards.

Shayne said...

Oh my word, I need those. I will be ordering the set as soon as it's available. They will all hang in my living room. Squirrels!!!!!!!!!

amy said...

hi kelly, thanks for de-lurking and entering the giveaway! it's lovely to hear from you - and to find your blog as a consequence!