Saturday, May 10, 2008

PodPost = Awesome

Dear Shayne,

This morning, I attended the Pacific Center for the Book Arts (PCBA) Printers' Fair at Fort Mason. The PCBA site doesn't have very much info on it, but here's what it says at the Fort Mason site:

"Letterpress printers, book artists, calligraphers, paper marblers, ‘zine publishers & book enthusiasts share their love of the word in all its forms. Come meet artists, see crafts-folk at work & see the tools & equipment of the book arts. Vendors offer unique handcrafted books, papers & journals, old-fashioned equipment, book-making supplies, letterpress ‘zines & subscription art."

It was pretty darned cool.

I was alerted to this event by a note from the letter-lovin' gals of PodPost, who had a table at the show. I ended up buying a "Mail Art Goodie Bag" from them (cause you know I have a weakness for random junk):
Mail art goodie bag

Being a fellow member of the Letter Writers Alliance, you'll appreciate this story:

I'm on the PodPost mailing list because I ordered a "Mail Art Bento box" from their shop last year (very cool). They wrapped my package in a fantastic Adrian Tomine print, which I then re-purposed as an envelope and sent back to them. Hee hee. As a result, I got this terrific handmade postcard from "Jennie-Pod" (one of the Pods):

It's pretty sweet -- a bunch of stickers covering a bland USPS pre-postage paid postcard and then embellished with stamps. Here's the back:

It was great to meet Jennie and Carolee in person -- they were in their full PostPod uniforms (check that link -- the outfits rock) and they were super friendly.

Obviously, I fully embrace today's communication technology (email, blogging, etc.) but there is something to be said for getting mail that's not bills or junk. Podpost certainly makes sending those letters more fun.

All right. I'm off to send a "real" letter... it might even be to YOU!


PS -- If you were inspired by this post to send someone some real mail, remember that US postal rates are going up this Monday, May 12. Domestic letters are now 42 cents. (Still a bargain!)


Shayne said...

Oooo, such fun goodies! I want goodies! And a beret!

Carolee-Pod said...

Hurrah for your excellent recycled-Adrian Tomine-envelope story! Wish we'd had more time to chatter at the Fair--but such places are always so distracting for me. It must be the smell of paper in the air...

Yours in Post,