Thursday, May 08, 2008

I love Etsy: Check these foxy napkins!

Dear Shayne,

I bought the cutest damned napkins in the world this week from Etsy seller Cakehouse. Check them out:
Foxy napkins!

We already use cloth napkins at home, but these cutie pies are for my lunch bag. They're made "from secondhand sheets and hand-printed with water-based inks." Every time I've eaten lunch this week, I've seen this little foxy guy and giggled. Whee!

I also love how Cakehouse got her shop name. From her profile:

what's with the name?

susie: so, i've been trying to email you all week, since you gave me your new email address, but it keeps bouncing back.

me: are you sure you had it right? it's k couse at verizon dot net.

susie: oh.....i thought you said "cake house at verizon dot net."

Hee hee! That totally cracks me up!

Foxy napkins are available here. She's also got kitties and llamas -- check out her shop. Cute-ness!


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Shayne said...

Super cute! The llama kills me!