Monday, May 05, 2008

Our house smells like cotton candy

Dear Shayne,

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker Faire this weekend. Of course, I bought a few things. One of those things is, right this very moment, making our house smell like cotton candy. Mmm!
Smells like cotton candy!

I bought this delicious smelling candle from i melt with you. The candles are great and so is that name -- There's nothing you and I won't do! Hee hee. (I've had that song in my head since buying these.)

In addition to the sugar-y sweetness you see above, I also bought one that smells just like cake. Mmm-mmmm!
Smells like cake!

I love how clean-burning and tasty-smelling soy candles are. You can buy your own right here. They say "Pleasantly Scented" on them, but trust me when I say that that's an undersell -- they smell fantastic!



The Housewife said...

Kelly - I've been burning the "Very Berry Creme Brule" candle and it makes my house smell edible... it's fantastic! I highly recommend these candles.

Victoria said...

My mouth is watering from reading this!

Shayne said...

I've never had a soy candle. I do have a cake-flavored candle somewhere. Lighting candles in this zoo is probably not a great idea, unfortunately.