Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a winner!

Dear Shayne,

This week, I won a lovely mini quilt from The Silly BooDilly. I never win anything, so when I saw my name listed, I stood right up dropped the bowl I had in my hand -- I was so shocked!

And what did I win? This 4x4 inch piece of total awesomeness:
Quilt by the Silly BooDilly

I am so impressed with how finely crafted this is! Even the hanger on the back is pure loveliness:
Back of the quilt

I've been reading The Silly BooDilly's blog for a couple of months now, and I am blown away by her craftsmanship. You need to check out her work!

I originally saw her featured on the Craft blog with this amazing piece. I couldn't stop staring at that when I saw it. Wow. I also love the little abstracts she makes -- check out this beauty. And this one! This "boob tube" one is also most excellent.

Meanwhile, lest you think that Ms. BooDilly is only a quilting genius, you've got to check out this astounding piece of embroidery she posted just the other day. My jaw dropped when I saw it!

Have I raved about her too much now? Oh, sorry. I am just so very inspired by her work. I look at my own quilts and embroidery and then I see artists like this and it really encourages me to push myself harder. So I'd like to thank Victoria (the Silly BooDilly herself) for being a true inspiration to me. (And, of course, for this awesome little quilt I won!)

Meanwhile, if anyone else reading this want a piece o' the Silly BooDilly to have and to hold yourself, you're in luck! She's got an Etsy shop right here. (Go check it out!)



Shayne said...

Oooohhhhhh, I love your prize! Seriously, I think you should send it to me heheheeh. I will add The Silly BooDilly to my Google reader.

Victoria said...

Oh Kelly, you are so sweet!
You have made my day, thank you!