Monday, March 31, 2008

Knucks: Finally finished (and given away)

Dear Shayne,

A long, long time ago, I was working on a pair of "Knucks." Do you remember those? While I finished the knitting back in Nov 2006 (told you it was a long time ago), I dragged my feet for awhile on embroidering "Go Browns" on them. I finally did that about 6 months ago, but I wasn't thrilled with the embroidery, so I put them away and did not report on them here.

I got them out a few weeks ago and I was forced to be honest with myself about something else... they're too snug for me. I've been in denial about it, but they're just a little too tight. Enough to not be comfortable. Sigh. Fortunately, my mother is also a Browns fan and her hands are smaller than mine!

Since she was in town last week, I decided to show them to her and see what she thought of the embroidery that I was also not happy with. If she liked it, I would give 'em to her. If she didn't... well, I would try again, although my hopes were not high (I think I used too bulky of a yarn for the fingers to make good letters... also, the brown letters sort of fade into brown and orange knitting. Maybe white would be better?)

As soon as I showed them to her, she went nuts over them, so I gave 'em to her. They look really cute on her and now I don't have to see my embroidery flaws all the time. I have plenty of brown and orange yarn, so I'll just make myself another pair!

Just for posterity (and so you can see my not-so-great work), here is how the embroidery turned out:
Go, Browns!

Now I've got until September to make myself a pair. Go, Browns!



Shayne said...

I'm glad your mom likes them. Good luck with your next pair :)

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

I need a pair that says GO SKINS!