Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WiP: Baby sweater

Dear Shayne,

I've done plenty of knitting, but I've never made a sweater. I find the idea of such a large project daunting. However, there are some babies coming into our lives this year (No -- not me! Don't go starting any rumors!) and I thought I might try my hand at a baby sweater:
WiP: Baby sweater

Doesn't really look like much yet, does it? Eventually it should look like that photo you see on the left. Let's not hold our breath.

I started it last week, but then I got waylaid by the cowgirl hat (still workin' on that) and another project that I can't post yet because it's a gift and has not yet been delivered.

So I'll go back to the baby sweater this weekend. Even though it only uses one skein of yarn, I'm still somewhat daunted. The pattern is from a book called One Skein, which, lemme tell you -- was written for me. Short projects = yay! And the yarn, although it doesn't look that great in this photo, is dreamy to work with -- lovely organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas. It's really soft and even Shayne-safe, although those colors are not really your bag. You might find something in their Dyed Cotton line, though -- just as soft as the organic, but with lovely, lovely color!

Wow. I was going to compare this yarn to knitting with a puffy cloud, but then I decided it was too corny (cause it is) but then I went on over the Blue Sky site and they say, "Wrap yourself in a cloud of comfort." If I'm thinkin' it and they're thinkin' it, you know it must be true!



Jocelyn said...

One skein? Heck, even I could do a sweater if it were one skein... I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Dawn said...

Sweaters seem daunting...but they're only tiny sweaters. That yarn looks scrumptious...darn you for posting links to online shopping!! ;-)

Shayne said...

Aww, that is adorable. How's it coming along? I can't wait to see the finished project on a baby!