Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Peeps flambé!

Dear Shayne,

Without even knowing that I had posted about Peeps yesterday, Bill brought me home a surprise gift of... Peeps! Since I had just posted a link to the "recipe" for Peeps Flambé, I thought we would give it a go.
Peeps flambe: Let the madness begin

We have a nifty little hand-held blow torch. I guess you could use it for crème brulée, but we just use it for, um, Peeps brulée. Hee hee.

The first one caught on fire:
Peeps flambe: On fire

Which made for a rather charred Peep:
Peeps flambe: Heavy on the "flambe"

It was tasty, of course, but I thought I'd try another less blackened version.

Here's the start of it:
Peeps flambe: Perfection

I continued around the Peep in that fashion until it was crispy on the outside and melty on the inside. Mmmmmm.



EricaBurnsDesigns said...

Wow...looks...uh...yummy, I guess.
Heehee! Not a big Peeps fan, but good idea for making Smores, which I love.

kelly said...

Even if you don't usually like Peeps, you might like 'em this way. The sugar makes a crunchy crust and the insides taste like a gooey marshmallow.

I think they'd make excellent s'mores! [Adds this idea to ever-growing list of things to make...]

bettyninja said...

That is funny he brought home Peeps! Perfect for experiementing on.

Peep smores,,,,yummmmmmmmy

kelly said...

He said that he saw someone else buying flowers and he thought, "Kelly's had a rough week, I should buy her some flowers..." and then he thought, "... what would she like more than flowers?"

And then he saw the Peeps.

Aw -- he knows me so well!

Shayne said...

You know, I don't think I've ever actually tried a Peep.

kelly said...


Shayne said...

I examined a Peep up close at my mom's and have determined that I wouldn't like it.