Monday, March 24, 2008

Cake-y goodness

Dear Kelly,

My husband has one major flaw: he doesn't like chocolate. I recently heard him complaining to my mom over blueberry muffins she had just made that I only ever bake chocolate things. So I told him I'd make a strawberry cake. (Strawberry cake batter to me is as gross as chocolate is to him, so this was *very* nice of me.)

I made a single layer round as well as twelve cupcakes. I couldn't find strawberry icing at my grocery store, so I frosted it all with vanilla icing and topped it all off with fresh strawberries.

I was very excited to finally see my Cup-a-cake containers in action.



Andy Darling said...

Mm, yummy. Those cupcake containers are so cute !

By the way, I know you don't know who I am ... I stumbled upon your blog a while ago & I read it occasionally.

kelly said...

These look delicious and the Cup-a-cake containers are great! Do they really work? What keeps the cupcake from getting smooshed at the top?

I luuuurve strawberries. Mmm.

Welcome, Andy Darling -- thanks for commenting on our blog!

bettyninja said...

This also looks super yummy. I think it looks best that you couldn't find strawberry frosting vanilla with strawberries sounds much yummier.

Shayne said...

The Cup-a-Cakes really do work! See those little doohickeys going around it? They totally keep your cupcake in place. Awesomeness!