Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sweet little project from Photojojo

Dear Shayne,

Do you subscribe to Photojojo? If you don't, you should. They have many cool photo related projects (either for taking cool photos or for doing cool stuff with your photos). While you're waiting for your subscription to begin, you can browse the great projects they've already had here.

Today's project really struck my fancy. Check it out:

I just think that is so sweet!

Of course, it may also be fueled by my desire for a new set of colored pencils... as I went to grab mine last week, I realized they are from 1988 and they're not looking so hot. I think 20 years is a long service life for colored pencils -- it's time to get new ones. What kind do you use? Any recommendations?


PS - Directions for this project can be found here. Also, I took that photo from the Photojojo site -- not surprisingly, they have great photos. Heh.


A glance at my world said...

Thanks for posting this...I totally went and made my own set of picture pencils! :)

kelly said...

That's great! How did they turn out? Did you post a photo that I missed? We want to see!

Shayne said...

Yummy! Back when I was an interior design major for two semester, I splurged and got myself the big Prismacolor 132 color set of colored pencils. Someday I'll get them all sharpened :)

bettyninja said...

Thanks for this link. I went and subscribed and am loving it.

kelly said...

Oh, yeah -- photojojo is tons of fun!