Saturday, March 08, 2008

Squishy pink hat

Dear Shayne,

Although I don't wear hats, they're fun to make, so I'm glad that my loved ones wear them. I made a couple of hats for Jenny last fall, but they were shorter "skull cap" style ones and she lives in Chicago. For winter, she needs some ear coverage!

She asked for a pink hat (knew you'd love that) and I love this squishy malabrigo (100% fluffy merino wool deliciousness) so I used it to make this:
Pink hat for Jenny

It was really fun to make. I doubled the yarn, which made it even fluffier and more lovely to us, and the pattern was fun and turned out cute. It's called An Unoriginal Hat (read that post to find out why) by the Yarn Harlot (hilarious blog to read, even if you don't knit -- she's great!) The only modification I made to the pattern was to knit 3 set-up rows, which made it a bit longer (more ear warming!) and I used almost the entire skein of yarn. Mmmmalabrigo!

Just for kicks, here's a shot of the front:
Pink hat for Jenny




EricaBurnsDesigns said...

This is gorgeous! How long did it take you? I am a novice knitter with a few scarves under my belt.

kelly said...

I bought the yarn last Saturday and I finished it on Sunday night. So two days, I guess. I'm trying to recall how many hours it took -- I watched a couple of movies and a few shows, so maybe four or five hours?

It's big yarn (I doubled the worsted weight malabrigo -- that yarn that the Yarn Harlot used is huge) and big needles (I used 11s) so it's very quick.

If you have a few scarves under your belt, you can certainly do this. Can you knit in the round? I use 2 circulars, rather than DPNs and I highly recommend that.

For more info on knitting in the round as well as how to do cables, go to She's got awesome videos to show you *everything*. You can also shoot me an email if you've got questions -- I'm happy to help. Good luck!

EricaBurnsDesigns said...

THANKS! I may just take you up on that offer sometime!

Shayne said...

Ohhh, so much pinky goodness! Don't all those needles get confusing? Just looking at it hurts my brain.

bettyninja said...

That pink is super sharp!

kelly said...

"Don't all those needles get confusing?"

No, no -- very easy. I use 2 circular needles. You only knit on 2 at a time anyway, so 2 are left just hangin' there. You can ignore them -- it doesn't hurt their feelings. ;)