Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I like this tool: Candle Carver

Dear Kelly,

With my renewed interest in baking, I was browsing the 17,000 different kitchen items on Amazon and found the coolest thing ever! It's called the Candle Carver. Basically, it digs a hole in an apple (hmmm, what other fruits and veggies would work?) that is the exact size to drop in a tealight candle. I need this tool. And then I need to have a dinner party so I have an excuse to have little apple lights. Wouldn't a row of Granny Smith apples look awesome?


P.S. Get it here.


kelly said...

I love the idea of using this to make a fall table centerpiece. I wonder if it would work with little pumpkins. Cute!

Victoria said...

This is such a neat idea! What about a watermelon, with a row of holes and tea candles set inside?!

terri said...

That is so cool!

kelly said...

Victoria -- The watermelon is a great idea! Love that!

Anonymous said...

Potatoes? For a St Patrick's Day party. Mm, maybe a bit too weird.

What an awesome tool!