Saturday, March 01, 2008

Skinny scarf

Dear Shayne,

I've had the yarn and pattern for this scarf for quite some time, but I only recently got around to making it. I'm very pleased with it -- it's knit lengthwise and it ended up looking almost woven, which I like!
Skinny scarf

I got the pattern from the book Knit Scarves, but it's also available online from Knitty Gritty right here. The pattern calls for fringe. I'm not usually a big fan of fringe, but I think this scarf probably does require it (those ends don't look so hot), so I've still got that to do.

I made it using Tahki Cotton Classic, although the pattern calls for wool. It looks a little wonky in this picture, but is actually quite smooth and even in real life.

Now, to fringe!



Shayne said...

Ooooo, not even my colors, but I love it. I bet the fringe will look great. How long is it? They have so many delicious shades of pink and purple!

Dawn said...

I really like this! Without the fringe, it looks very "French Canadian" you should be wearing it as a sash, eating tourtière and tarte au sucre.

Cigarettes and accordian music are optional.

(seriously though...I really DO like your scarf!!)

Jan said...

Oh my gosh, that turned out great! Looks very different not all squished up on the needles ;)

I know you were concerned about binding off that many stitches, but it really looks awesome.

Great job!