Monday, November 13, 2006

One down...

Dear Shayne,

I've finished one glove. Yay! Even though this one was fun to make, I am having difficulty getting motivated to start the next one. Hrm... think I'll find something else to distract me and procrastinate on finishing this pair? Me? Never! Oh, wait... me? Yeah... probably.

Seriously, I gotta get these done before football season is over -- the Browns won today! Maybe it was my finished glove! Oooh... it's a maaagic glove... with maaagic powers! Fun!

Meanwhile, I took this photo at night again. Hard to get good night shots. I tried using Photoshop to clean things up, but I ended up making my skin look like a lobster. Lobster claw? Not so sexy. Sooo... I went with de-saturating again. We're going to call this "artistic" and say that this is a "theme." Got it? Okey-dokey.

Off to cast on the next glove! Or, um... go to bed. We'll see.



Anonymous said...

You could be like Michael Jackson and revive the use of one glove.

Dawn said...

Oooh! It (they??) came out really nice. I really like the stitching on the cuff...much prettier than plain ol' ribbing!

Go magic glove!

kelly said...

If I only made one glove, I'd only have room to stitch "GO BR" on the knuckles, which may seem a little odd... perhaps like I'm encouraging cold weather? I never would do *that*, so I don't want to be misinterpretted. 2 gloves it is!

And I tried to get away with plain ol' ribbing on this, but it looked terrible with this yarn. Sooo... fancy stitching it was!