Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Custom Wall Art

Dear Kelly,

Yesterday I was having lunch with my friend Jenny (not to be confused with your friend Jenny) and she mentioned that she needed some art to hang on a freshly painted wall. She said she wanted a canvas with a geometric design and thought that maybe she could do it yourself. A trip to Michaels and $42 later, we went to her house and started painting. Even though we planned to do squares, we used this great stencil - it had three layers to make overlapping squares. I think we spent about three hours painting and it turned out great!



kelly said...

I love this! The look is mod, yet quilt-like, which I really enjoy.

And, of course, it didn't take you nearly as long as it would if it was actually a quilt (lovin' that!)

What size is it?

Victoria said...

This is a very cool painting, I love the squares! (I actually spent yesterday working up a bunch of new quilt designs all based on squares!)

Kelly, I wanted to thank you for giving me the heads up on my quilt being on the Craft: blog. I had no idea!
Much appreciated!

bettyninja said...

It really did turn out great! Simple but fun. It would also be a great quilt!

Shayne said...

Oh shiz, I can't remember what size it is...fairly large - it took up most of her kitchen table.

She needs to recover some pillows to tie in the blue - I was thinking something quilt-y would be good.

JenniferNabers said...

Let's definitely not confuse the jennys. I've had enough of that this lifetime ;-)