Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine-y goodness

Dear Shayne,

Valentine's Day around here was fun!

First of all, I made cookies and I took them to work. These cookies are a family recipe that I thought was lost years ago when my Aunt Rody passed away. Fortunately, another aunt had it and gave it to me -- these cookies are awesome and disappear quickly whenever I take them to work.

I made three sizes so people could take whichever size suited their appetite (the big ones went first):

In the afternoon, I got to hand out everyone's valentine mailboxes -- they were all really full and people seemed super-happy to get them. There was a very nice happy feeling all afternoon after everyone shared the love. Awww.

Check it out -- here's mine:

And when I got home, Bill gave me a gift! I didn't even expect one, so that was a fun surprise! And you know what it was? It was that awesome tote bag I wanted made from a recycled sail! It's perfect -- I carried it today and I love it! It's really well made and has pockets inside. So nice!

This weekend, I hope to finish the tote bag I'm making for my friend. It's so different from both the pattern and fabric I originally showed you -- you won't even recognize it.



reiter8 said...

What a thoughtful guy!
I had no idea it was going to you or I would have slipped a valentine in the pocket!!
Enjoy the bag!

kelly said...

Love the bag! It's great! I got a ton of compliments on it. YAY! :)

Shayne said...

Fun day! Thank you for the Valentine! I love that Paper-Source print.