Monday, February 11, 2008

Crafty friends rule!

Dear Shayne,

I will warn you right now that you are going to be jealous of the crafty gifts that I got in the mail today from my friend Dawn. Sorry. (But not really, cause these gifts are awesome.)

These are for my birthday and Christmas, which we all know were both in December. Dawn feels bad that these gifts are late, but here's what I have to say to that: Gifts in February?! Bring it ON!

Also, these gifts were well worth the wait! Are you ready to see the goods?!

The first is a little project bag that I can use to carry knitting around. Check the awesome skull-y print:
Project bag from Dawn

There's even a sweet-ass tattoo print inside:
Project bag from Dawn -- interior

And inside of that bag... was a project! She sent me some wonderful yarn (75% Superwash wool/25% nylon -- it's soft!)
Green yarn from Dawn

And a pattern for a scarf that I could not get a good picture of, but it's called the "Crazy Mitred Scarf" which I love, because she is Canadian and they spell "miter" like "mitre" so "mitered" becomes "mitred" (all of those words are now starting to look really weird).

But the really super-duper awesome gift is this totally fantastic apron that she made for me. My photos do not do it justice, but:
Tomato apron from Dawn

It has ruffles! And tomatoes! It's a ruffled, tomato apron! Ack! I have died and gone to heaven! (I should post photos of the tomato kitchen someday... really, I should.)

It even makes a sweet little bow in the back (I love the fabric that the tie is made of):
Bow detail of tomato apron

Isn't it cuuuute? (In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty pleased with it. Thanks, Dawn!)

Sorry to make you jealous, but I just had to share. Crafty friends rule!



A glance at my world said...

I want some of that tattoo fabric so bad! Where did you get it??

Shayne said...

Totally unfair. Totally jealous. And that apron is totally cute!

kelly said...

a glance at my world -- I don't know where my friend got it, but she's in Canada, so you probably don't want it from there, anyway. ;) (Nothin' wrong with Canada, just why pay more for shipping to the US?)

I found it in this color (and others!) at Check it out here. It's great, isn't it?

Dawn said...

A glance at my world - I ordered the fabric from, which is actually the exact link that Kelly has posted! :-)

Dawn said...

Ugh. (second try because I can't figure out simple HTML) Is there an easy way to edit comments?

The woman who dyed your yarn has a blog and an etsy shop:

Dawn said...

For some bizarre reason, the date thingy in my last comment is actually the link.

This is what is should look like (maybe?):

(Sorry to mess up your comments page!!)