Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cross-stitch on my mind

Dear Shayne,

The tote bag is progressing, but very verrrry slowly. I've made several mistakes already and am now calling it a "prototype." I'm going to send her this one, then I'll have her report back on the changes she wants (I'm worried it won't be big enough for her), and then I'll make her a fresh new one that's way better.

In the meantime, my crafty mind wanders. And where does it wander? Oddly, to cross-stitch. I say "oddly," because I have not had much luck with this medium in the past. Mostly, because it is a sloooow kind of craft and I'm more of a near-instant gratification kind of gal. So why has my mind wandered that way, you ask?

Well, the first spark was with this amazing "Scarlet Letter" made by the fabulous Etsy seller ChezSucreChez. It's a lovely letter A and it got me thinking, "Hey! I could make a lovely letter K! That's small and quick-ish! Now I just need to find a pattern for a K..." and then I kind of abandoned the thought.

Then last week at Skull-A-Day, I saw this fantastic piece:

That artist has kindly provided a free chart for that skull, so now I want to make that. Perfect for the skull-y bathroom!

If you like your cross-stitch even more subversive, there's the aptly named Subversive Cross-stitch which has some hilarious yet simple cross-stitch patterns that even I might be able to complete without bailing. I particularly enjoy, "Go Fuck Yourself" and "Bite Me." Hee hee.

Today, I ran across a whole new level of awesome cross-stitch -- classic samplers with more, erm "current" phrases included. You've got to check these out. I especially love "Get your freak on" and "When I was your age..." Hee hee. Meanwhile, those samplers are way beyond my patience level. In that case, I just have to admire her work, as I would not be able to stick it out long enough to create something like this.

As for framing, I know that some people do not like the look, but I do enjoy a small embroidered or cross-stitched piece hung on the wall right in its hoop frame. In blog-trolling today, I found that the Blueberry Bandit has a cute little twist on this -- it looks like she's glued ribbon along the edge of the frame. Check it out. Very simple, yet oh so cute!

You know... that reminds me of a project I filed away in my crafty file sometime last year... ah yes, here it is: from Bitter Betty (via Whip Up's Whiplash), it's a decoupaged embroidery hoop! I love me some decoupage, so perhaps that's the way to go for me!

Meanwhile, I guess I would need to start, um, stitching before I can think of framing. Oh, and before I do that, I need to finish the tote bag. Yeah, the tote bag.


PS -- The photo above is from Skull-A-Day. I hope mine looks that good! (You know, if I ever get around to making it...)


Shayne said...

For your first project, I'd do something simpler. The skull is awesome, but because it's only one color and there's no symmetry it could drive you nuts.

Also as an instant-gratification gal, I pretty much only ever do ery tiny cross-stitch projects.

When I read "decoupaged hoop," I thought, wow, that can't be exciting, such a small surface area, but then I clicked and whoa, that is so, so pretty.

Good luck with your cross-stitching adventures!

Dawn said...

Every time I think about trying out a cross-stitch pattern, my brain short-circuits and I black out.

You are a braver woman than I am. Good luck in your cross-stitching endeavors (can't wait to see the results!)!

kelly said...

Shayne -- the guy who made the skull above said it took him 8 hours and he's not done it before (I have done it in the past... I've just never finished anything.) So I'm somewhat mentally prepared for a long and grueling process.

You would think I'd have patience, being a knitter and all. But I keep my knitting projects small, sooo... yeah.

Perhaps I'll just start with a fancy "K" and see how far I get. :) Now I just need to find a fancy K pattern!

Shayne said...

I can make you a fancy "K"...I have PCStitch.

An idea for making that skull hurt less - divide it into quadrants with different color highlighters.

Shayne said...

Oh, yeah, and I got my limited edition, sold out Natalie Dee - Subversive Crossstich Valentine's kit.

kelly said...

You mean these?!

They're so great! I love "I can't stand your bullshit." HAHAHAHA!

Winifred said...

OK, I used to cross-stitch. I've finished stuff (it is one of the few crafts where I have finished) and I like it. For me it is relaxing. You start working and it doesn't require a lot of thought, but you can zone and watch tv and be doing something at the same time. Maybe I'm weird?

Bitterbetty said...

Ha.. just found you from Techno rati.. which I try to ignore.. but I just was decoupaging hoops myself this week so I wanted to say hey..


kelly said...

Thanks for the comment, bitterbetty -- love your blog! I'll be sure to let you know when I make decoupaged hoops. Great idea -- yours are lovely!