Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching!

Dear Shayne,

I'm not sure why, but I really enjoy embroidery. I mean, I know why... it's quick, fun, and cool. But I never seem to do much with it. I re-discovered it when making my heart garland, so I feel an embroidery love affair coming on.

Especially since there are some new patterns from Sublime Stitching!

Including, but not limited to... the tattoo alphabet, with which I could make this awesome wall-hanging:

There's also Forest Friends! I love squirrels, and I'm particularly sweet on this guy:

Sigh. So many patterns, so little time!


PS -- These images are from the Sublime Stitching website and are owned and copyrighted by Jenny Hart (who totally rocks!) If you want to get your embroidery on, click on the above links to see her many, many amazing patterns. If I can embroider, anyone can!


Shayne said...

Squirrels!!!!!!!!! Feel free to embroider me a squirrel!!! I love squirrels!!!!!

Winifred said...

The forest animals are waaay too cute.

I need something crafty to do -- I might have to check out the Sublime Stitching site.

Do either of you crochet? I'm thinking I want to learn, but need a place to start.

kelly said...

I think that Shayne does some crochet, but not recently.

I do not, but keep thinking that I would like to -- there are so many cute little crochet things to make out there!

Every time I try it, I mess it all up -- I think my tension is too tight. But I'll probably try again at some point. "They" say it's easy!

As for embroidery -- it really *is* easy. I am a rank beginner, and you can see from that heart garland I did what pretty results I've had. So go for it!

Shayne said...

Winifred: I can (or could, it's been awhile) crochet, but after taking years to catch on and buying way too much yarn, I realized that I don't like doing it all that much.

For the best and easiest instructions, I recommend getting Klutz's book (they've got one on knitting too) - it's written for kids and has step-by-step photos. I was never able to do origami until I got their book on the subject.

Kelly: I am just the opposite with knitting. I just cannot get the tension loose enough.

Winifred said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm still thinking about giving it a try, but I'm seriously considering the Sublime Stitching. I'm just not sure what I would stitch on...I'm trying to come up with something creative.