Friday, February 08, 2008


Dear Shayne,

I often get to be creative at work (which is a big part of why I love my job) but not always "crafty." Today, I got to do a craft project at work! Yeah!

We're doing a flash-back to grade school and we made Valentine "mailboxes" for everyone in the office (all 95 people!) Here's the wall o' mailboxes (they're really 6x9 inch envelopes):

I punched out hearts from scrapbook paper to decorate each envelope. I glued each one on with a glue stick -- boy did I long for my Xyron sticker maker right then.

I hope this one gets lots of notes:

Now I get to make valentines to go in all of those mailboxes!


PS -- I wrote this post on Friday, but then blogger would not let me publish it. So I am leaving Friday's date on here. Yeah!


JenniferNabers said...

That's so great! But will you enforce the the elementary school valentine's rules: bring one for everyone or don't bring them at all?

Little D and I started to make his valentines today---I think we're going to make stickers of his face again. He looks pretty much the same, so why not?

kelly said...

We're not enforcing the "bring one for everyone" rule... there's a core group of us that will certainly bring one for everyone. So at least we'll know everyone got a few. :)

Meanwhile, one person has already told me they're having bad "flashbacks" (of empty Valentine's Day mailboxes as a child), so this could result in some therapy. Whee!

Shayne said...

Awww, this looks awesome! Isn't it great when you get to be crafty at work? I loved it when I worked in the children's department at the bookstore. I'd get to plan the story times and crafts to go with the themes.

kelly said...

Meanwhile (if I may be so bold as to comment on my own post...) these photos are cracking me up! It really *does* look like a grade school hallway. HAHAHA.

JenniferNabers said...

Well, I have to be crafty at work (ahem---bulletin boards) and I *freaking* hate it! Maybe I can draft you into bulletin board decor?!

kelly said...

Duuude... I would love that! Tell me how big your board is and I'll send you a "kit" -- all the ingredients and a diagram too!

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