Sunday, February 10, 2008

Iron-on vinyl = awesome!

Dear Shayne,

Have you seen this stuff? It's iron-on vinyl! Yes, you read that right... iron-on vinyl. Basically, you can take any fabric (particularly cottons) (of which I have a lot) and make it into awesome water-proof vinyl.

I bought it at Mendel's, which is a small-but-funky fabric and craft shop in San Francisco. When you come to visit some day, we will definitely have to go there.

Check it out... here's a little test swatch I made:

Can't really see it too well there, but the left half is regular cotton and the right half is vinyl. Here's a better angle shot showing the shiny, shiny goodness:

I have revised my tote bag plans considerably since that post. I am now using canvas and cotton for the exterior. The interior will contain toiletries (including recently used towels), so I am going to use iron-on vinyl on the cotton lining. Yeah!

Now I just need to finish it!



Shayne said...

This is so. Freaking. Cool. Can you do this on Sam's tote bag? (The materials for which I'll be mailing you this week.)

kelly said...

Do you want it on the inside or the outside?

Also, I'll let you know for sure if I can use it on a large surface after I try it out on JP's tote bag. If it drives me crazy on that project, I may not be willing to do it again. ;)

(I'll be trying it on her bag tonight...)

Shayne said...

How'd it go?

Could I get it on the inside *and* outside? Or is that just crazy ;) You should get the stuff this week.

kelly said...

What will he be storing in this bag? My fear of iron-on vinyl inside the bag is that it's going to be kind of "sticky" in there (not actually "sticky," but you know... "cling-y").

In fact, I'm a little worried about that on the bag I'm making right now. Hrm.