Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Next up: Tote bag

Dear Shayne,

My next "Big Project" is a tote bag for a friend who is serving in Iraq. She needs something to carry her clothes and toiletries to and from the shower. She is currently using a Trader Joe's bag, so obviously she needs an upgrade.

I bought a pattern from Sew, Mama, Sew (it's called the "Eco Market Tote"). Here's the photo from the front of the pattern :

I will be making some modifications to it, including compartments inside for separating stuff. I feel a little silly buying a pattern for such a simple bag, but sometimes it's nice to have a guide.

I am currently debating what fabric to use. She requested something bright colored (no problem for me!) It's dusty there, so I'm thinking of using oilcloth... have you ever used oilcloth before? I really know nothing about it. I bought some last week that's turquoise and purple, so it's pretty bright. I wonder if that would work:

(Each square in that grid is about 3/4 of an inch.)

After thinking more about it (while scanning in that piece), I wonder if the oilcloth isn't sturdy enough and perhaps I should go with canvas... although canvas usually comes in boring colors. But I could at least find a red canvas. And perhaps spice it up with patchwork or something? I don't know... how sturdy is oilcloth? Any idea?

Also, she asked me to put her name on it and she's not afraid of goin' nuts, so I feel certain there will be a Bedazzling opportunity once again in my near future!



Shayne said...

Would you line it with oil cloth too? I think it would be sturdy enough.

Shayne said...

Oh. My. God. There are so many fabrics I want from Sew Mama sew. Why can't I be filthy rich?