Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The less sweet side of Valentine's Day

Dear Shayne,

Lest you think I am the shmoopiest shmoop to ever shmoop with that lovey-dovey book, here is the card I am giving Bill for Valentine's Day:


I got the image from Skull-a-day, but I made it my own with the decorative trim around the image. It's skull-y and sweet! (Yeah... I'm still a little shmoopy.)

All right -- time to get back to making valentines for all 94 of my co-workers. Cause, as you know... I'm NUTS!



Noah said...

Nice work Kelly, I really like the trim. I hope Bill enjoyed it.
-Noah from Skull-A-Day

kelly said...

Thanks for coming by to check it out! Yes, Bill loved the card and now we keep saying, "Be mine... FOREVER." ("Forever" said in an ominous tone, of course.)

Thanks again for posting the image!

Shayne said...

Um, you *are* the shmoopiest of shmoopies. Deal with it.

kelly said...

Oh, yeah. You're probably right. Well, I'm okay with that!