Sunday, December 28, 2008

Made by Jocelyn: Itty Bitty Kitty

Dear Shayne,

Do you remember last year when my gifted friend Jocelyn made me a precious little book and also the beautiful little pincushion we dubbed "Pinny, the craft room mascot?"

Well, she's done it again this year with the most darling little kitty ornament. Look!
Made by Jocelyn: Tiny Kitty!

I love that smile and the little bell just kills me. And check out the sweet curvy tail:
Made by Jocelyn: Tiny Kitty!

Also? Kitten 'tocks!
Made by Jocelyn: Tiny Kitty!

And I know that you are already impressed with the workwomanship on this, Shayne, so I am going to blow your mind even further. It's all that and it's totally teeny tiny:
Made by Jocelyn: Tiny Kitty!

Yup. That's a US quarter.

Jocelyn: Crafty Goddess of Patience. Wowza.



Christine said...

Oh noooo. That is so cute. The tininess of it just kills me. What patience that crafty girl must have!!!

Jenny said...

Wow. That is so teeny-tiny. I feel half convinced that you must have photoshopped that quarter in there.

Shayne said...

Oh my gawd, that is so teeny tiny cute! I don't think I'd ever have the patience to make something so little.

j0zzzz said...

I can't seem to shake myself of the illusion that small projects take less time...despite copious evidence to the contrary! :)