Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Like a toothache

Dear Shayne,

Don't you hate it when what should be a basic project turns into a dog and pony show? Gah! That is so frustrating! I think, "Oh, I'll just whip this little thing out..." and then, 6 hours later, I'm sobbing at the sewing machine, pounding my fists on the table, and wondering why I don't just go to the store to buy crap like everyone else does.

I probably anger the Craft Gods with my hubris at thinking that any craft can be "whipped out." These are the craft projects that really kick my butt -- the basic ones that just take a wrong turn somewhere.

This is one such project.

It's just a little pillow, about 5x5 inches square. Here's the back:
Tooth Fairy pillow: back

And here is the front -- it's got a little pocket:
Tooth Fairy pillow: front

This is the kind of project that really should take less than one hour. Right? Yeah.

So why, oh WHY is this my fifth version of the thing and, even after so many tries, it's still not all that great?! (Note the weird fabric hiccup in the lowest corner of the pillow...) I honestly have no idea. I probably should have trashed this one and tried again on a 6th, but I just couldn't take it anymore. It had to get done and shipped, and that's what is is. Done. Shipped.

Oh, and what is it, you ask? Why it's a Tooth Fairy pillow for our 5-year-old nephew, who has just lost his very first tooth! See the diagram for more details on how it works:
Tooth Fairy Pillow directions
(Tooth goes in. Money comes out.)

Heh. At least the diagram came out right on the first try. I may need to make him another pillow sometime, though. Or, erm... buy one? Sigh.



Jenny said...

No, no! It's **perfect** and he loves it. I've told you he's been wiggling and wiggling and wiggling his teeth in hopes of another one coming loose, right?

I'm glad you got a photo of the "instructions" that go with it. Tooth in...Money out.

I only feel guilty now that you spent so much time on it!!!

Shayne said...

It's cute! But I totally hear ya on simple projects turning evil. The downside to the crafting life :)